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Modern Communication Systems
and Internet of Things

Digital Systems Department / University of Thessaly

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The M.Sc. entitled«Modern Communication Systems and Internet of Things» focuses on scientifically production and diffusion of advanced knowledge, know – how methodologies, computing tools, technical and research results in the field of Communication Systems and the Internet of Things. Moreover, emphasizes on operating principles, modeling and performance, as well as their applications on modern technological and socio – economic activities.

The study objects of the M.Sc., already shaping global technological developments and the electronics industry, include:

  • Multimedia Content Delivery
  • IoT Systems and Technologies
  • Cloud and Fog Computing and Networking
  • Networked Systems Security
  • Embedded systems technologies
  • Sensors and actuators Systems

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Get the Essential Knowledge and Tools for Communication Networks and IoT Systems with Our MSc Program

This MSc focuses on the areas of communications concerning the creation of small or large-scale wireless or wired networking infrastructure both at the backbone and at the edge.It provides essential knowledge for the design and development of communication networks with quality assurance services (QoS Networking) with state-of-the-art tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The MSc provides specialization in the areas of the Internet of Things with the aim to provide knowledge for their effective implementation (embedded systems, sensors and actuators, edge computing) but also secure and reliable internetization of the technological objects that surround us (devices, vehicles, instruments, etc.) both in personal / home and in industrial environment.


Our students secure high level positions in tech companies even before their graduation!

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The MSc could provide scholars at 30% of the participant students, based on individual and/or family and economic criteria. The scholar applications are submitted at the MSc secretary.

The MSc  accepts applications for the academic year of 2024 – 2025 and the candidate graduate students can be informed regarding all necessary submission details from the MSc call here.

Candidate graduate students may submit their CVs (Curriculum Vitaes) via email to and to to get guidance for any matter related to the MSc.